Inverallan Hand Knitted Sweaters

Take a look at our collection of Sweaters suitable for men and women in a number of styles.  Since the early 70’s we have been knitting sweaters for customers worldwide, Most of our sweaters are hand knitted which takes approximately 70 hours based on a size 40″ !!  We also supply hand framed garments, which are all knitted individually on a flat bed machine operated by hand, these are then finished off with hand knitted cuffs, collar and bottom rib – you will struggle to find anyone else that makes a garment by hand with such perfection !.  Sweaters are available in a numbers of yarn types, which include but is not limited to:- Aran, Heather Aran, Cotton, Denim Cotton, Naturally Neutral, Shetland, Tweed Donegal, Blue Face Leicester, Cashmere & Lambswool.  Our Aran garments were traditionally worn by fishermen as they are well known for the warmth and comfort that they provide.  Our sweaters come in a number of different sizes and designs, from a small child’s plain sweater to a men’s Swedish snowflake, fairisle, tartan or ladies gansey style.  Once our sweaters have been knitted they go through a number of quality checks, to ensure that our customers are only receiving the high standard that we pride ourselves on.  Many of these sweaters will not be produced in bulk for retailers, meaning, they will be very rare, in a lot of cases – the only one!

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