4A Golfer Cardigan – Jamieson Soft Spun

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  • Yarn: 100% Jamieson Soft Spun
  • Colour: Black 44
  • Sizes: Various

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4A Golfer Cardigan – 100% Jamieson Soft Spun

This is a beautiful classic hand-knitted cardigan. Hand knitted with a number of different patterns all over, finished with 7 x olive wood buttons.  As this cardigan has no collar it looks exceptionally good with a shirt underneath.

Product Info

  • Yarn: 100% Jamieson Soft Spun
  • Colour: Black 44
  • Sizes: Various


4A Golfer Cardigan Size

Size: 38" Back Length: 23" Sleeve Length: 16.5", Size: 40" Back Length: 25" Sleeve Length: 17", Size: 42" Back Length: 24.5" Sleeve Length: 17", Size: 44" Back Length: 25.5" Sleeve Length: 18"


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